Henley in Lockdown

Celebrating our Local Community 

We are excited to launch a brand new project to chronicle the way that the community has come together during Lockdown. Photos and stories from across Henley  will be curated into a beautiful coffee table book and digital art gallery.

Whilst there is no hiding from the great tragedy of this moment in our history, we hope that people will look back with great pride at the way that Henley has pulled together at this time and this book will play a part in memorialising this. 

The Chiltern Centre simply would not exist without the support of this unique community. That is why  we want to use this time, while we have been forced to close our doors, to celebrate all that the people of Henley-on-Thames achieve whilst also raising valuable funds.

Take your place in history.

We would love to include your photos in our collection. Simply email a high resolution photo of all the people who you have isolated with (taken during lockdown) or a photo that sums up lockdown for you to harriet@chilterncentre.org.uk along with names of people in the photos and the name of your street.*

We will be combining submitted photographs with professional ‘doorstep’ photography and invite nominations of people who you feel should be featured more prominently in the book. This may be someone who has particularly contributed to, or benefitted from, the community effort, or someone who has been personally touched in any way by the virus. Successful nominations will have the opportunity to be photographed by a professional photographer on their doorstep and have their story featured online and in the book. 

If you would like to be involved by sponsoring the project or on a creative level please do get in touch. 

Thank you 

We thank you once again, for everything that you do for us. Without this unique community, the Chiltern Centre simply would not be here to support young people with disabilities, and their families.

We are closed at the moment, but we must remain resilient in face of these difficult times so that we can welcome our young people back for the friendship, support, learning, independence and fun that we provide. Fundraising activities like these, and a community like ours, will help us to achieve that. 

If you would like to make a donation to the Chiltern Centre in recognition of this project, all funds will go directly to the Centre.

*please note, by sending your photos you give the Chiltern Centre permission to use and/or edit the photos for all projects associated with the Henley in Lockdown project. This includes but is not limited to a Photobook which will be for sale to the general public, a digital photo album, an exhibition and publicity relating to any of these activities. 

Associated street names may also be published (please note in your email if you would prefer your street name was not publicly printed).