Helping to ensure that children/young adults with disabilities live life to the full

We aim to give a lifeline to families caring for a disabled child or young adult.

Because everyone is unique, our charity cares about providing individual support to enrich the lives of disabled children and young adults.

We provide a broad range of services to support families and professionals in their vital role of caring.

Our Objectives

  • Provide much needed short respite care breaks and other disability services to parents and carers.
  • Offer a small scale, caring and nurturing environment, to support families across a wide geographical area
  • Partner with associated agencies to provide a holistic approach to meet the young person’s needs.
  • Be flexible in catering to everyday needs of children with a wide spectrum of disabilities.
  • Ensure that children and young people continue to live in the family home.
  • Support and provide advice and guidance to families, to help at every stage.
  • Promote Chiltern Centre in the wider community, and inspire local people to get involved in helping us to achieve our mission.



The Marian Lee Charitable Award is designed to honour Marian`s contribution to the Centre over more than a decade. The Award will be used used exclusively to provide charitable overnight and/or day care placements at The Chiltern Centre for parents who have no, or limited, financial assistance from Local Authority sources and are unable to access short-break care.  This is normally intended to provide interim assistance until access to LA funding may be obtained. The amount of the Award is discretionary but would not normally exceed £5000 for any individual recipient.


The initiative to utilise the MLCA may originate with any staff member or responsible third-party but the approval to offer this charitable funding is subject to the following process:

  • The submission of the case for an MLCA by the originating party.
  • The approval of the application by: The Responsible Person, The Centre Manager (or if absent the Deputy Manager), the Chair of Trustees and the Finance Director. These individuals will act as the Award Managers and will be held accountable for the good governance of the MLCA. The Centre Manager will report all MLCA activity to the monthly Management Committee. In the event of disagreement on an award, the decision will be referred to the Trustees for a majority ruling obtained at the next available Trustee Meeting, or if urgent, by email. All decisions to approve or disapprove any application must be recorded in writing with the reasons given for the outcome.
  • The Board of Trustees will receive a report at every Trustee Meeting on the activity (if any) generated by the MLCA. This report will be prepared by the Centre Manager.
  • Due diligence of proposed beneficiaries must be carried out.
  • The criteria on which the MLCA is made will be subject to regular review by the Award Managers.


The Award will be drawn from the Centre`s funds and reported in the accounts as charitable activity.